ethical solarpunk

what the hell is it?

on one side of the spiral we have {cyber/cypher}punk, on the other we have solarpunk. solarpunk holds a different meaning and significance for each peer who invokes it. for me it is a space of mind and heart based in the messy realities that we find ourselves within in our contemporary moment. it is informed by Black-intersectional-feminism. it is informed by the messy uneven and unjust legacies of capitalism and the foundations of imperialism, colonisation and slavery upon which it is founded. it is not an untethered utopian escapism populated by unicorns.

the punks declared there was no future. we live in times where it has been said that it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism. dystopia in some ways is as depressing as sci-fi authors imagined, in other ways they didn't forecast the banality of much of it. the punkest thing some of us can think to say during these time is; fuck that - there is a future worth fighting for.

solarpunk is a heart and mind move to imagine a future in which technology and human culture are in dynamic balance with environmental systems. it is peer-to-peer and informed by quietly radical permaculture. it is nessecarily anti-{racist, sexist, fascist, ableist, colonial, classist} but is also pro-{sufficiency, love, creativity, solidarity, freedom}. it is an attempt at combatting alienation, anxiety and opression in its myriad forms.

for me solarpunk is a refusal to extend enclosures and extractions but to expand commons based on solidarity through any means nessecary. it is an expansion of who gets to be a peer existing in these spaces of sufficiency. it is something worth struggling for. it is something worth building.

"blockades are a very common and ancient method for people to intervene directly in an injustice occurring." —Fitzroy Legal Service

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